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At DID, we believe that beauty follows function.


A successful interior starts with the core of the space, which then determines its function. We add character and life to spaces that achieve the best functional & aesthetic purpose. Architecture and Interior Design are two disciplines that complement one another, which is why we collaborate with architects at the beginning of each project in order to ensure the highest quality product.

At DID, we establish ongoing relationships with our clients by providing a uniquely personalized experience. We're committed to working directly with the client from Day 1 and pride ourselves on getting to know them and their individual tastes.

Our attention to design and detail will make you love everything about your home or commercial space. Our technical knowledge of layouts, orientation, symmetry, furniture, furnishings, lighting, and acoustics will support any given project. Additionally, DID’s access to the best artisans & craftspeople allow for the customization of unique and amazing interiors.


DID specializes in modern and contemporary interiors. However, we recognize that our client's taste may include traditional & eclectic styles. No matter what your style, your space should reflect your personality and achieve your goals. It’s our job to help you realize that unique vision.

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